"Don't keep all your eggs in one basket," she said. Now I watch each crack spread.


The Culture of Cosplay

When I try to explain what cosplay is to people who aren’t nerds or familiar with the culture, most look at me blankly and say something along the lines of “So, it’s like Halloween.” That’s when I smile through a grimace and slip away, not adding that sure, cosplay is like Halloween if Halloween happened… Continue reading The Culture of Cosplay

Final Research Paper Draft: Instagram and the Dangers of Beauty Standards

Instagram, a popular social media app, uses the global accessibility of the web to cultivate a social network through images that users can edit and upload. These images enable users to share aspects of their lives through photos and often take the form of selfies, photos that users take of themselves. While Instagram grants its… Continue reading Final Research Paper Draft: Instagram and the Dangers of Beauty Standards

Final Website Self-Assessment

Making a website was much more frustrating than I expected it to be, especially because WordPress does not give free creators much freedom of design. Each pre-made theme offers its own specific and limited customization options, and without the ability to combine aspects of different themes into your website, you're limited to cookie-cutter templates with… Continue reading Final Website Self-Assessment

Ghost of You

“Sorry I hurt you,” You said. What a shame I’ll take Any word I get. One look and I’m hooked An addict desperate for A fix; there you were. There you disappeared Stayed just long enough to break The walls I had made. What a clever plan: Hide in shadows until I Tire of looking.… Continue reading Ghost of You

Creative Project Rough Draft

For my creative project, I am photographing myself in common poses I see models both on and off Instagram using, highly editing the photos, and then posting them to Instagram to gauge the responses. So far, I have completely edited two of the photos using a computer app similar to photoshop.        … Continue reading Creative Project Rough Draft

Annotated Bibliography

Anthony, Amanda Koontz, Sarah Okorie, and Lauren Norman. “When Beauty Brings Out the Beast: Female Comparisons and the Feminine Rivalry.” Gender Issues, vol. 33, no. 4, Dec. 2016, pp. 311-334. ProQuest, doi:10.1007/s12147-016-9158-5. This article discusses the effects of feminine beauty ideals on women, notably the perpetuation of comparison and competition between women. The authors highlight… Continue reading Annotated Bibliography

Personal Essay: Instagram and Beauty Standards

I didn’t have an iPhone, or even a phone at all, in 2010 when Instagram was released into the mass of digital apps that had taken over teenagers’ attention spans. My experience with the app was limited to watching my thirteen-year-old cousin share photos of herself and her friends in 2012 when I was fifteen.… Continue reading Personal Essay: Instagram and Beauty Standards